Our window and door system products available at Nu-View comprise a wide array of appealing and effective solutions which maximise the safety, security, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of your home:

BAL – Bushfire

Australia’s harsh climate carries several risks and for many parts of Australia, even in suburban areas, bushfires are a fact of life with which we must coexist. More recent bushfire events in eastern Australia have been the most tragic in our recorded history and, based on the scientific predictions, this occurrence is likely to get worse in the years to come.

Our Carinya BAL40 window framing solutions from Alspec have been specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures and maintain compliance with AS2047. They help protect your home’s interior from burning debris and ember attack, mitigating many of the risks to your home’s integrity during a bushfire event. Additional features which we offer include Fall Prevention KidScreens, window and door handles, and much more.

Cyclonic Compliance

Australia’s eastern, northern, and western coastlines are vulnerable to tropical cyclones, which carry strong winds and large amounts of rain and these stress buildings in their path. At Nu-View, we offer Alspec Cyclonic Window, Door and Screening solutions which are designed and engineered to minimize cyclone damage and meet industry-standard pressure, water, and impact mitigation requirements. Browse our range of  Cyclonic Compliant systems here.

Master Key

Most would agree that having multiple keys for the security of your home is inconvenient. With Nu-View, you can minimise fuss and hassle by adopting our Master Key system: eliminate multiple keys with a single key to access your:


The window and door framing products we offer at Nu-View are designed to easily and seamlessly incorporate screening products as you prefer. Screening is important to not only provide airflow into your home and unimpeded views of the outside, but also to keep kids and pets in but insects, birds, human intruders, and Nature’s other unwelcome guests out. They are critical for the utmost safety and security of you and your family.

We provide a variety of superior screening solutions to suit your needs, including:


The right windows and doors can dramatically boost the energy-efficiency of your home, not only making it more comfortable year-round but also saving you money in power costs by reducing cooling needs in summer and heating needs in winter. Our door and window solutions are designed to accept double glazed thick glass, with a variety of high-performance glass options to reduce your home’s environmental impact while maximising your comfort and satisfaction.


Modern city living means the demand for high-performance window solutions carries an acoustic concern. The right choice of windows can minimize the inside noise from traffic, aircraft, commercial enterprises, and other public area noise. This is important for general health and wellbeing, especially when it comes to sleeping better and reducing your stress levels.

The window and door systems at Nu-View easily cater for glass of thicknesses up to 10.5mm without additional adaptations. This directly affords an acoustic solution to exceed your expectations.


Nu-View carries a vast selection of hardware for both residential and commercial applications:

See our Catalogues for our full product lists:

POWDERCOAT Colour Options

The Alspec window and door framing product range we sell at Nu-View is available in a wide array of POWDERCOAT colour options. ALspec is a Registered POWDERCOATER of Dulux and Interpon.


Glass windows and doors are not only functional; they add value to your home and enhance your enjoyment of it. Here at Nu-View, we are Members of the Australian Window Association. Learn more about the Window Energy Rating Scheme.
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